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Skilled Trades 1211

Teacher: Ms. Barrett & Mr. Abel
Textbook: Students will not have individual textbooks, but will need to keep track of informative handouts with the use of a folder/binder.

Overview: Skilled Trades 1207 has been developed to give students a sense of the prescribed skilled trades, and Red Seal skilled trades. It provides a more detailed depth of treatment for six of the trades by referencing them to standard practices in residential construction. Students will be provided with classroom lessons; computer based learning, as well as hands on work in an industrial setting.

Course Organization:

Unit 1: Apprenticeship and the Skilled Trades 5% of grade, and of time.
Topic 1: Apprenticeship Program
Topic 2: The Skilled Trades
Topic 3: Course Common to all Skilled Trades
Topic 4: Focus on 6 Specific Skilled Trades
Unit 2: Skills Common to all Trades: 20% of grade, and of time.
Topic 1: Technology and the Workplace
Topic 2: Reading Blueprints and Drawings
Topic 3: Working in the Technology Lab
Unit 3: Skill-Building in Selected Trades 70% of grade, and of time.
Topic 1: Experiencing the Trades in situ
Topic 2: Carpentry
Topic 3: Carpentry Fabrication
Topic 4: Residential Electrician
Topic 5: Electrical Fabrication
Topic 6: Plumber
Topic 7: Plumber Fabrication
Topic 8: Lather
Topic 9: Lather Fabrication
Topic 10: Painter-Decorator
Topic 11: Painter-Decorator Fabrication
Topic 12: Sheet Metal Worker
Topic 13: Sheet Metal Fabrication

Timeline: This course is still in the development process, so any time line is tentative, and some topics may be added or dropped due to availability of materials and supply.

Grading: A large part of student grading will be based on their participation in class. Students must participate during class time, as they will not be permitted to work in the wood room after class ends without making special arrangements. Students will be required to complete research projects and classroom worksheets. Although tests will not be the main grading component of this course, students will be required to take safety tests and other quizzes, for the safety of themselves and others. Teamwork will also be an important aspect of the grading for this course.


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