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High School Course Offerings

Typically, high school students are required to take 7 courses per school year (most courses are 2 credits each, totalling 14 credits per school year).

Our students currently take 7 courses from the list below. You may click on each course to see information regarding that class, including:

  • Course Content
  • Teacher
  • Textbook
  • Grading Criteria

The courses that each student will take is determined by Provincial Graduation Requirements, and their success with courses in previous years.

*As with most things, this section of the website is a work in progress. Information is uploaded as it becomes available. In other words, some subjects will have information attached, while others will not. But check back often!

Canadian Geography 1202 Mr. Oliver
World Geography 3200/3202 Mr. Oliver
NL Studies 2205 Mr. Oliver
Science 1206 Ms. Winters
Science 2200 Ms. Winters
Science 3200 Mr. Vatcher
Biology 2201 Ms. Winters
English 1201 Mr. Vatcher
English 1202 Mr. Vatcher
English 1200 Mr. Vatcher
English 2201/2202 Mr. Vatcher
English 3201/3202 Mr. Vatcher
Writing 2203 Mr. Vatcher
Mathematics 1204 Ms. Winters
Mathematics 1206 Ms. Winters
Mathematics 2204 Ms. Winters
Mathematics 3204 Ms. Winters
Mathematics 3206 Ms. Dalley
Theatre Arts 2206 Ms. Denty
Art 2200 Ms. Gibson
Inuttitut 1120/2120 Mr. Abel
Inosivut 2201 Mr. Abel
Skilled Trades 1201 Mr. Abel
Career Development 2201 Mr. Oliver
Healthy Living 1200 Ms. Dalley
Physical Education 2101/3101 Ms. Dalley