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Code of Expectations


We, the students and staff of ACMS pledge to be responsible in the following ways:

1. We shall be prepared for class. This means:

  • We have used the bathroom and had a drink.
  • We have our schoolbag, notebook, pencil, and text.

2. We shall be safe and kind to each other. This means:

  • Walking in the halls.
  • Keeping hands off.
  • Using a kind voice (without wearing or talking back).
  • Cooperating with classmates, staff, and guests of the school.
  3. We shall study, complete homework, projects, and assignments.
  4. We shall be on time for class and attend regularly.
  5. We shall set goals that are good for our education and work hard to achieve them.
  6. We shall be accountable for our choices and our actions.
  7. We shall be responsible for ourselves, our actions, and our property when attending school sponsored outings, both in, and out of the community.

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