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Code of Expectations

 Respect for Property

We, the students and staff of ACMS pledge to respect property in the following ways:

1. We shall take pride in our school.


2. We shall take responsibility for caring for our school, inside and out.


3. We shall not vandalize our school. We will not:

  • Put black marks on the floors
  • Write on desks or walls
  • Destroy school property, such as cupboard doors.

4. We shall understand that there are consequences for our actions. This may include:

  • Detention
  • Cleaning up any vandalism or mess
  • Legal action

5. We shall respect the property of thers, including their ideas. This may include:

  • Art work
  • Science projects
  • Posters
  • Locker/bookbag contents
  6. We shall respect and appreciate our own property.


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